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Blueline Stud Services

Blueline offers premium stud services from our purebred German shepherd dogs, aiming to produce offspring of exceptional quality. Our carefully selected stud dogs boast desirable traits, making them ideal working dogs and loyal companions. Partner with us for top-notch stud services to enhance your breeding program in Kenya. Trust Blueline for superior breeding solutions and take your program to new heights.

Blueline Stud Service Requirements

Most Blueline breeding dogs are imports and have FCI registration and pedigree with dual registration; Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and East Africa Kennel Club EAKC registration. Pedigree information about all Blueline-kennels breeding dogs is now available on the; the international online database for pedigree dogs.

Below are the requirements for Blueline Stud Services

  • Upfront payment of the Blueline stud service fee; NO puppy option

  • Bitch must be a registered pedigree-provide registration and pedigree certificate for the bitch

  • Bitch registration papers must be from a recognized and respected Kennel club in the world.

  • Provide up to date veterinary certificate of current annual vaccinations

  • Bitch must be in good health and in season.

  • Bitch to stay at Blueline Security-Kennels Dog section during the mating period.

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Why Blueline Stud Services

  • Superior Bloodlines

    Blueline Stud Services offer access to purebred German shepherd dogs with superior bloodlines, ensuring the production of offspring with exceptional qualities and characteristics.

  • Expert Selection

    Our experienced team carefully selects stud dogs based on pedigree, health, and temperament, ensuring the mating pairs are ideal for producing top-notch working dogs.

  • Quality Offspring

    With a focus on excellence, Blueline Stud Services aim to produce high-quality offspring that are not only exceptional working dogs but also loyal and reliable companions.

  • Breeding Support

    Whether you're an experienced breeder or starting your program, Blueline provides dedicated support to help you achieve your breeding goals, ensuring a successful and thriving breeding program.

What Makes Us Different:
Blueline Security Complimentary Service Offers

At Blueline Security, we understand that security is paramount for any business, and that’s why we offer complimentary services to our clients to ensure they have a comprehensive security plan in place. Below are some of the complimentary services we offer:

Exceptional Security Solutions
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