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BLUELINE SECURITY Walkthrough Metal Detectors

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Walkthrough Metal Detectors

They are to be strategically positioned at main human entry points and will work effectively to identify people hiding dangerous weapons or metal objects containing harmful substances. They have the capacity to detect guns, knives, cans with toxic aerosols, and improvised high-impact weapons.
This will not only secure the safety of the premise occupants, but will also ease the entry and exit process unlike where physical searches are involved.

Why Blueline Security Walkthrough Metal Detectors:

  • Detects Incoming Weapons Promptly

    A metal detector works quickly and swiftly without prompting security guards to touch the entrant. All a weapon carrier has to do is walk through it and the alarm bells will be sounded.

  • Enhances Security Level of the Assignment

    While one may have security guards, the human eye can’t be as effective in detecting hidden metal objects and weapons as walk-through detectors.

  • Keeps An Environment Peaceful And Friendly

    Not everyone likes being subjected to physical security screening at entrances. Some people view it as an invasion of privacy that can create anxiety. Therefore, to maintain a friendly environment while still keeping everyone safe, consider a Blueline Security Walkthrough Metal Detector.

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