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Blueline Pedigree GSD Puppies

Blueline now EXCLUSIVELY breeds black and sable GSDs.
1. Blueline Sable GSD puppies
2. Blueline Black GSD puppies.

The ultimate and final judge of the quality of the Dogs we breed is the person who buys our puppies or dogs. The feedback we get from these corporate and individual clients across the world is a treasure for our breeding at Blueline. We shall remain committed to them as our uncontestable and honest final JUDGE!! We value their feedback more than anything else. Our breeding shall remain purpose driven and focused on breeding quality working line GSDs to serve the dynamic and rapidly changing security needs of our clients across the world.

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Blueline Bred Working-Line Pedigree Sable And Solid Black Gsd Puppies Are Now Shipped Worldwide.

Blueline Kennels Ltd bred dogs have had a global presence with individuals and corporate clients within the East African region, Africa and the world at large.

You will find our dogs with individuals, security companies, and other organizations in Kenya and Uganda including Uganda Police, Tanzania, Ethiopia, DRC-Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria and the United States of America (USA).

We specialize in this breed because it’s one of the most intelligent, versatile and trainable of all breeds, making it suitable for almost any type of work.

What Makes Us Different:
Blueline Security Complimentary Service Offers

At Blueline Security, we understand that security is paramount for any business, and that’s why we offer complimentary services to our clients to ensure they have a comprehensive security plan in place. Below are some of the complimentary services we offer:

Exceptional Security Solutions
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