Dog Services-Blueline K9 Teams

    Unlike many other security companies in Kenya, Blueline owns all of our K9 partners and employ all of our dog handlers. This ensures the quality of Blueline K9 Teams; thus developing the best of working relationship handlers and their K9 partners. As a corporate private security service provider, Blueline has both Single purpose and dual purpose trained guard dogs, comprising of:-

    1. Patrol and Protection working dogs
    2. Detection working dogs-Blueline passive and hostile trackers.

    The security environment is rough, dynamic, rapidly changing and very unpredictable; it’s like a war situation….because of this…..our specially trained attack dogs (STADs) are trained to find the adversary, pursue the adversary and certainly bite the adversary on command!

    Our guard dogs are trained for real security guarding and protection security withstand stress and pressure including gun-like sound. Our dogs are trained to pounce, fight and bite to fit in the ever changing arena of a police like dog in the security industry. All our guard dogs are pedigree, registered with East Africa Kennel Club and micro-chipped for permanent identification anywhere in the world.

    Hiring of Blueline K9 Teams

    This service is available to individual and corporate clients for short term or long term contractual basis. Blueline has working arrangements with some security firms who hire our K9 Teams on a long term contractual basis.