CCTV Surveillance Systems

    As a standard practice, we add value to your business and promise to give you extra value for money.

    To add value to your business and further enhance your security, Blueline security guarding services shall be becoming with a value addition component of a CCTV surveillance system, Wi-Fi internet and a CCTV mobile remote viewing capability option enabled on the mobile phone, tablet or laptop of the security committee members and or management team; thus allowing them to view the business compound activities anytime from anywhere in the world real time, at absolutely no extra cost to you. This gives you convenient operation with real-time monitoring of activities, remote CCTV record playback, CCTV video recording and mobile device control for both Local Area Network-LAN and Wide Area Network-WAN. You feel safer and more secure with Blueline!!!

    This surveillance and monitoring system is implemented as a complimentary service in consultation with the security committee and or management team within three months after signing the contract; this is a first of its kind in the industry from Blueline security. (Terms and Conditions Apply).