Blueline Pedigree GSD Puppies

    As a dog breeder, Blueline specializes in the breeding of the German shepherd dog because it is one of the most intelligent and trainable of all dog breeds. Blueline pedipups are bred from some of the most decorated and titled GSD working lines in the world. Blueline GSD breeding lines are imports from Europe with a history of the DDR and the Czech Republic working lines-real OUTCROSS breeding for working line GSDs.

    The solid black, the sable, the bicolor and the black and tan GSD colors. Blueline kennels is a recognized dog breeder and one of the registered German shepherd dog breeding kennels in Kenya. Our kennel is registered with East Africa Kennel Club-EAKC (the internationally recognized registry for pedigree dogs in the Eastern Africa region) and has been breeding pedigree German shepherd dogs from selected, purebred and pedigree Kenyan and Imported working bloodlines for years now. The pedigree details for all Blueline breeding dogs are available on (the international online database for pedigree dogs).

    When you buy a Blueline-Kennels bred GSD puppy we undertake to replace it if it develops any hip dysplasia (HD) related complications in future. This is our solemn PROMISE to you as our client!! (Terms and conditions apply).

    We deliver pedigree German shepherd dog puppies anywhere in Kenya and ship pedigree GSD puppies worldwide!! (Terms and Conditions Apply). Today you will find our pedigree German shepherd dogs with individuals, security companies and other organizations in Kenya, Uganda including Uganda Police, Tanzania, Ethiopia, DRC-Congo, Nigeria and the United States of America (USA).

    Our guarantee and undertaking:

    All registration papers provided on delivery of your puppy or puppies (Official Kennel Club Registration certificate, Official Kennel Club Certified Pedigree certificate, Vet certified Clinical record card and EAKC Transfer of ownership form).

    Blueline Pedigree GSD Puppies are only released at 12 Weeks after the puppy has received all the primary vaccinations and the first rabies done.
    Kindly note that as a policy payment is only made after puppies have been born while reservation is only confirmed after payment has been received